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BrandingSchool.NG (EdTech Arm of Clarylife Global) is a platform built to close the gap between small business owners and their desired brand growth. We understand that quality branding services are quite expensive, and may be a luxury for most small businesses especially in their critical first five years. We are also aware that most of the topics around branding are still very much confusing to an average business owner. And it’s very difficult for them to see how these things truly move the growth needle in their business.
We help small businesses achieve steady and measurable growth. By providing practical branding tools and principles, we simplify complex branding terms and show how they can be applied within your budget and current size. Our relatable examples and case studies demonstrate how these strategies can bring significant improvements to your business. Visit our store.

What makes us different

There are several platforms that teach branding from the angle of digital tools, skills and tactics for making money. They teach social media marketing, content creation, paid ads, video creation, and many other DIY hacks that small business owners can employ to gain attention and make money. However, you will never find any of these platforms teaching you what it takes to build a brand that lasts for the long term.

Our unique approach involves teaching principles that will guide you through various circumstances until you establish yourself. Tools become outdated, hacks become exposed and lose effectiveness, and skills become commoditized and lose their competitive edge over time. However, principles remain steadfast and cannot be replaced.

At BrandingSchool.NG, what we teach are principles of brand building that have been tried and proven over many years, alongside real-time case studies and issues that help you see the practicality of these principles in their diverse applications. Being a member of BrandingSchool.NG is synonymous with being in a closed masterclass of top global branding experts.